AFTER THE SUN GOES DOWN....  August 2, 2010 - August 5, 2010

Contest Completed


Night Dark Story Award - [writing deleted]
Night Time Drama Award - [writing deleted]
Moon Madness Award - Prairie Vamp
Riding The Dark Award - gilded moon
Shadows On The Moon Award - Indian Wolf Moon
Shivers In The Night Award - [writing deleted]
Brilliance In The Dark Award - Look Outside Your Window.
Dark Moon Mystery Award - The Call of the Vampire
Moon High Award - Tiana
Darker Than Night Award - [writing deleted]


.....then what happens? Poetry that tells the stories of what does happen when the sun goes down.


The fun of winning!


Black Cat Fever
Black Cat Fever
Sumptner, OR


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Created Aug 3, 2010

It's anything you want it to be, and maybe everything you hate it for, but relatable none the less.
Misty-eyed Girl
Confronting yourself