Abstract  September 7, 2008 - September 25, 2008

Contest Completed


Now THAT'S abstract! - Laughing like the Sun
Sumblimely subliminal! - Psychotically Yours
Loved the thrill! - Escape
4th place winner - [writing deleted]
5th place winner - Amnesia on the bed
6th place winner - Sandina
7th place winner - The Nightmare
8th place winner - Free Of Tears
Honorable Mention - mystic forests
Honorable Mention - Poetic Art


Welcome! In this contest I am looking for a sick/insane person like myself to write something totally abstract. Whether it be feelings, experiences, or just a bunch of thoughts that roam around your subconscious, it has to be something different. Although I'm not going to disregard love poems, stories etc. For they can also be abstract, but it must be sublime! I I want something that can be described by describing something else, and of course, it can be anything. Your welcome to be as passionate, erotic, or as dark as you feel. Enjoy!


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