Abuse Memoirs, Books, Stories and Poetry  May 13, 2010 - May 29, 2010

Contest Completed


Glorious! - The First Time
Amazing - Worn Chucks and Exhausted Memories in Poptopia
Beautiful - [writing deleted]
Impressive - Little girl run - run away
Honorable - Summer (excerpt 3)


I want to know what you have to show me. You must enter a book, story, and/or poetry about abuse is the requirement for this contest, but memoirs and biographies are always loved. This is a tragic topic, but it is one that is sensitive and emotional. I want sensitive and emotional in writing. Show me your true feelings.

The books, stories, and poetry may be fiction, but usually the authors that have real experiences are the authors that show the most emotion and their descriptions are the best. So the lucky authors that are going to be part of this contest and haven't had any abuse in thier lives have to try their hardest.
This contest is going to test some of the author's skills at imagery and description.

Thank You and Good luck


The reward of knowing you are an amazing author.



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