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Hello everyone,
I'm writing a novel called Admire The Silence. It is about a serial killer who roams Seattle and kills 7 people. It is the first book of a three part trilogy. All along the way, the killer (who remains unidentified until the end, as to leave you guessing and curious) writes poems to the police about when the next strike will be. When the police arrive and take heed to the clues in the poem sent to them, they find the same poem left next to the victim after it's too late. I am looking for people who can come up with a threatening poem that isn't out of whack but still demands attention. I'm looking for someone who can help make this book as interesting as possible. There will be ten for sure winners and those close to the top ten will still be considered for use. Good luck.


You will receive an acknowledgement in my book if you are one of the winners.


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Keith Rivas
Keith Rivas
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


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