Advice?  January 29, 2008 - February 20, 2008

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Winner - Small Wonders
Best Advice - Embrace Sweet Love
Most Helpful - No Storms to Weather
Most Creative - El Paz En El Abismo
Honourable Mention - Skeptical Consumption


For the past year I have lived in solitude, raking in the work load and concentrating purely on writing. I have had six relationships in all, and none of them have worked. My last boyfriend said I was a heartless monster when I confessed to him that I didn�t love him and feel the same way, only a short time after we started going out. He then went on to spread rumours and belittle me to everyone I knew. My first boyfriend made me hide our relationship and then broke up with me on prom night, after two years of our being together. All the others where just as bad.

What I want is advice in the form of a story or poem about a girl just like me, and where she goes on from here. It doesn�t have to be a pretty story with a happy ending but it does have to be where you think this story will or should go.

Looking forward to reading your submissions.


My most sincere gratitude and congratulations


Lauren Xena Campbell
Lauren Xena Campbell
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