Africa Rising  April 11, 2008 - May 11, 2008

Contest Completed


First Place - Spiritual Recognition
Second Place - Ode to Africa
Third Place - i was born a black man


Africa is depicted quite negatively in the media, thus causing Americans to misunderstand the continent. So in this contest, writers must enter one poem in which they must positively explore the continent, with the following restrictions:

*You cannot mention poverty or plague. Be very careful when broaching the subject of war.
*You cannot mention huts.
*You cannot glorify the animals of the continent, nor speak of them in comparison to the people. In fact, I recommend avoiding animals altogether.
*You may extol the beauty of the land, but I wouldn't recommend you dwell it too much. The focus should be the people.
*Do not overly victimize the people.
*You may write about Ancient Africa, but then you'd have to write about its empires and kingdoms (and yes, that includes Egypt).
*Try to limit your poem to one page.

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Ankhesen Mié
Ankhesen Mié
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