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When I’m not writing there a very few things I enjoy but some of those few things are
Filming, Directing and, Acting. I love the film industry and get many ideas for it but I dont have the patience to write scripts, that is where you come in I have recently had an idea for a film which I have called “After the Hill.” (You may use this name if you wish or come up with a better name) I want you to write a script for After the Hill. You will have a lot of freedom there is only a few things you have to stick with

Plot-The story is that of what happened after Jack and Jill went up a hill for a bucket of water. Jill is a bit bruised maybe has a few broken bones but relatively unhurt however jack has brain damage and the responsibility of looking after Jack falls on Jill.

You can make up whatever you want for it after that but a heart-warming story is best. Try and put in one scene of Jack and Jill going up the hill and getting hurt then get stuck into the bulk of it. You have 3 months to write it (i have now Obviously extended the time) HOWEVER it doesn’t need to be finished though that is preferred. Good luck now get writing!


$000000000, I plan to get my idea on screen and I may need a script writer


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Matthew Ian Herrawood W
Matthew Ian Herrawood W
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