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Please write a poem with the phrase "THEY'RE WRITING SONGS OF LOVE, BUT NOT FOR ME" included in it.

You can use this phrase as a title, but it also has to be in the body of the poem to avoid disqualification.

After all the "hype" of Valentine's Day, this is kind of a flip side of "love".....those who did not have "someone to call their own"....this is for you, to get out those feelings of "aloneness" on that day.

~ helena ~

(Words by Ira Gershwin / Music by George Gershwin)

They're writing songs of love, but not for me
A lucky star's above, but not for me
With love to lead the way
I found more clouds are gray
Than any rainy day, could guarantee

I was a fool to fall, and get that way
I should have known the price, I'd have to pay
Although I can't dismiss
The memory of his/her kiss
I guess he's/she's not, -------------, for me


1st 2nd 3rd 4th & Albert's Award!


Helen Margaret Crutchett
Helen Margaret Crutchett
N.S.W., Australia


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Created Feb 23, 2010

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