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Albert's Poetry Cafe ~ Poet Craft: Form Abhanga with Salvatore!  November 9, 2009 - November 23, 2009

Contest Completed


Gold - [writing deleted]
Silver - Abhanga/Alone
Bronze - Sparkle
Honorable mention - Heartache amiss


Poet Craft: Abhanga

Here is a poetic form that originated in India.

Though there is no required number of stanzas, for this contest we will require four or five stanzas. Each stanza is a quatrain (four lines) with a rhyme pattern of abbc and a syllable count of 6,6,6,4.

Here is an example of an abhanga poem.


Wars have yet to promise
And deliver real peace.
Will battles ever cease?
We need to pray.

A country challenges
Its neighbor for more land
And though a change of hands,
Life stays the same.

If two people settled
Spats by fighting a duel,
Wouldn�t we call them fools?
It�s so absurd!

Yet nations send armies
Of young men and women
Who do what they�re bidden
And often die.

Will the day ever come
When wars are outdated
And human life rated
In flesh and blood?

Let�s opt for the table
Besides staging a meal
As a place to make deals
Instead of war.

� 2008 Salvatore Buttaci

Deadline: November 23, 2009

Prizes: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and one Honorable Mention


1st 2nd 3rd & Honorable Mention


Helen Margaret Crutchett
Helen Margaret Crutchett
N.S.W., Australia


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