Albert's Poetry Cafe ~ Poet Craft: Form Tanka ~ with Salvatore Buttaci!  November 1, 2010 - November 16, 2010

Contest Completed


gold medal - [writing deleted]
silver medal - Lipstick (A Tanka)
bronze medal - [writing deleted]
honorable mention - Storm at Dawn


Poet Craft:
Form: Tanka

In Japanese, tanka is often written in one straight line, but in English and other languages, we usually divide the lines into the five syllabic units: 5-7-5-7-7.

Usually, each line consists of one image or idea. In the best tanka, the five lines often flow seamlessly into one thought.

Awards: gold, silver, bronze, and one honorable mention

Submit one or two separate tanka.
Deadline: November 16, 2010

Here is are two examples from my own poetry.


Terrors of the heart
cause timid love to tremble
No matter how hard
We disillusion ourselves
About being courageous



Get it together
Is the way they explain it
No time for daydreams
When time passes so quickly
Gone in the blink of an eye


Sal Buttaci


1st 2nd 3rd prizes and honorable mention


N.S.W., Australia


7 Contestants
10 Submissions
Created Nov 2, 2010

Believe It Or Not Believe It Or Not
This is my first attempt at slam poetry, and I'm excited to film a performance of this piece over the coming day.
WHAT AM I?: Nephilim WHAT AM I?: Nephilim
A teen boy gets killed, but trades his soul for another chance. He changes. A girl notices the new boy with silver eyes.