Albert's Poetry Cafe ~ Poet Craft Form ~ "Whitney" with Savaltore Buttaci!  October 18, 2009 - November 7, 2009

Contest Completed


First Place - A Slow Dance
Second Place - Memory cascade
Third Place - Spread Your Wings
First Honorable Mention - What Was Seen
Second Honorable Mention - Prodigal


This titled syllabic form, created by Betty Ann Whitney, has exactly seven lines and no rhymes.

Syallable Pattern
3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4, 7

Here is an example of mine.

Seek the Light

Morning sun
shines for us all
yet why do
someplace their faith
in moonlight
as if black skies
could save us from the darkness.

Poets you should have fun with this one! Remember to make sure your syllable count per line is correct so you can avoid your poem getting disqualified. Also remember not to rhyme.


Gold, Silver, Bronze, first Honorable Mention and second Honorable Mention


Helen Margaret Crutchett
Helen Margaret Crutchett
N.S.W., Australia


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Created Oct 19, 2009