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ADROIT IN SEDUCTION (A Petrarchan Sonnet)
A Poem by Salvatore Buttaci

The Don Juans of the world play at their sport until they are too old and then too lonely.

Binging on sex, ablaze with constant need

To prove themselves suave conquerors of flesh,

Lotharios abrade good sense, ingest

A false idolatry, accept as creed

The disparagement of women they feed

Their repertoire of lies. They don�t address

The issue: love by nature should not stress

The �loved� who bristle at two-timing deeds.

Love should elevate, not tear down the dreams

The na�ve entertain. Do these rogues care?

Adroit in seduction, they play the game

Of leaping bed to bed. They have a flair

For breaking hearts. No core values. Esteem

Will fade in old age, conquered by self-blame.




Created Jul 22, 2008

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