Alice in Your Wonderland  December 3, 2009 - March 14, 2010

Contest Completed


Grand Prize - Rachel in Colorland
Second Place - Alice in Love?
Third Place - Wonderland


This is the first in a series of contests.

It's a Mad world and Alice isn't going anywhere without her Hatter. Take your own twist on this classic. Is Alice schizo? Is she dreaming? Is it really a rabbit hole she fell through or is she taking a ride on the river Styx? Whatever your take, even if you switch up the original a little, make sure you include one thing, a love story. Yes. I am your typical sucker for romance but try your best to keep it adult and not rated x. This story is one of the few that has no actual love story, so let's see what happens when our little Alice falls in love with someone from your Wonderland. Or, was she the only one who fell down the rabbit hole?

I will also be submitting a piece after I announce the winners on March 21st.

Any writing is acceptable but not books.

Good luck and get cracking! The Red Queen is on the hunt... plus you don't want to be late!! The tea's getting cold!

Oh and P.S Give credit where credit is due!! If you don't let us know that this piece is based on Lewis Carroll, I won't consider your work for the contest. You wouldn't want someone rewriting your work without giving you recognition. ;)


Bragging rights as usual!and pretty pretty ribbons!


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