All That Glitters, Glitters!  September 14, 2007 - October 16, 2007

Contest Completed


You are a shining star! (1st prize) - [writing deleted]
You are the morning dew! (2nd prize) - [writing deleted]
Even your eyes twinkle! (3rd prize) - [writing deleted]
You are a diamond in the rough. (runner up) - [writing deleted]


The saying, "All that gltters is not gold" has always annoyed me. So what if it's not gold... it still glitters. Why should we impose our expectations on the nature of things? We should appreciate things (and people, for that matter) for their intrinsic natures! The glitter of a starlit night, a dew-laden web, a field of snow, the inside of a geode, New Year's confetti... OK, so it's not gold, but do we really want it to be?

Write a story, a poem or an essay on Glitter, or on my take on the saying above!


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Created Sep 14, 2007