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Sir Thomas Fein Sir Thomas Fein
A wealthy Englishman moves into a home on a secluded island. He begins being tormented by spirits, or is it his mind?

All in our Hands  September 12, 2012 - October 12, 2012

Contest Completed


First - Look At Those Hands
Second - poem: Creating His Masterpiece
Third - [writing deleted]


My eyes have always been drawn to the hands of the people I meet. Their eyes, their smile . . . they don't hold my attention as much as those hands. It seems to me that our hands tell many things about our character. It is difficult to hide what our hands say about us.

I'm looking for poetry that paints the character of a person real or imagined by only describing their hands.


inspiration, maybe


Emily Burns
Emily Burns
Richmond, KY


5 Contestants
6 Submissions
Created Sep 12, 2012