All the colours of the rainbow!  February 20, 2009 - April 20, 2009

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Rainbow Ruler. - The Schizophrenic Spectrum:
Fabulously Flamboyant. - The People Wore Colors.
Curiously Colourful. - Your Love I Feel In Colors
Best Descriptions. - Once Painted Soul
Most Imaginative. - Green


I want all your poems about colours described in vibrant and imaginative ways with lots of metaphors and similes and feelings! It can be your favourite colour, or just a colour you see a lot of, it could even be your hate for a certain colour. I just want to see some feeling in relation to colours, and not just dull colours like red, and blue, I wana see emeralds and rubys and amethysts! Jewels and rainbows and everythiiiing! XD


You get to be the Queen/King of all the colours of the rainbow! LOL


Secondhand Tink
Secondhand Tink
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