Allusions  August 28, 2009 - November 1, 2009

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T.S. Eliot - Finnegans Log
James Joyce - I Fly
Alexander Pope - Dunsinane
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Annihilation
Joseph Heller - YOU.
William Shakespeare - spiderman and mary jane kiss
Meatloaf - Snow


It's been said that all art is merely a copy of something that's come before. To a point, that's true. It is almost always the same several themes that have been passed down from generation to generation among writers.
Thus, allusions have become amongst the most used devices in literature. An allusion usually references a previous work, myth, or historical event.
Whether it is a reference to Greek Gods, the Bible/Qu'ran/Book of Mormon, a Jules Verne novel, or even an episode of Spongebob, it doesn't matter. You just have to use some sort of an allusion to promote the idea of your work as a whole.

Depending on the response to this, I'll try to review each piece. And awards will be given based on the best piece and best use of an allusion.
Be sure to tell friends and others about this. Add a little competition into the mix.


$�, Free Reviews and Recognition...what could be better


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Dennis Shanaberg
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