Alone, but not lonely.  January 3, 2010 - January 17, 2010

Contest Completed


1st Place Winner - Room of a Thousand Laughs
2nd Place Winner - Atrocity
3rd Place Winner - Choke
Honorable Mention - On my own...


Hello, in this contest I would like to read poems that resemble a good portion of my views about being alone. Although being alone and being lonely are very different, I feel as if they come together at times. When one is lonely, it's mainly because their thoughts and emotions are not being satisfied in the way they want them to be in either relationships, family, or friendships. I want you to feel alone. Feeling 'alone' (usually branching from depression) gives one a sense of hopelessness because they don't feel that they are living their lives they way they want to, like being stuck in a hole struggling to get out; to change things, but can't. Like being locked in a pitch black closet, screaming and banging at the door begging to be released. The dark sides of fairytales.
For an example please refer to: "How alone do I feel right now?" located in my writing.



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