Alternate or Speculative History  April 13, 2012 - May 10, 2012

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Grand Historian - I'll Fly Away
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History Apprentice - A Butterly Flapping Its Wings


Alternate and Speculative History is a genre of fiction where the events of real life are changed or predicted in a fictitious fashion. It can be in the form of changing the events of the past, with different consequences to match, but can also be in the form of predicting what may come in the future.

I want you to submit a short story or essay of alternate or speculative history. This story can be phrased in anyway. You can tell it from the viewpoint of a character, in the form of a history book, anything.


1) You will not be judged on spelling or grammar, but try to keep the story readable. There is a difference between a typo and just smashing your keyboard.

2) Try to make the events plausible and detailed. Assassinating Hitler won't result in Dinosaurs taking over the moon, after all.

3) Not too long, not too short. Keep it at a convenient length.

4) Has to be in our world, but can feature other planets. Try to keep the bridge between our time period and it explained, however.

5) Have fun, be creative and write some good alternate history.

Good luck.


Nicholas Woode-Smith
Nicholas Woode-Smith
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


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