America, the Great?  June 11, 2007 - June 19, 2007

Contest Completed


George Washington - [writing deleted]
John F. Kennedy - [writing deleted]
Franklin D. Roosevelt - [writing deleted]


ok, so my last contest "got passion?" kind of turned into an american culture bashing contest. which wasn't the intention, but after reading what people had to say i decided we needed a contest for people to express their displeasure with america and its culture.

so, i want to hear what's wrong with america, bush, the war in iraq, walmart. anything american.

don't get me wrong, i like america. i am american. but dissent is patriotic, because its excersising about rights. so, be patriotic and tell me everything that's wrong with america.

oh, and i do believe the picture is a wonderfully hilarious example of american ideals, don't you?


knowing you have a heart like an american flag.



Created Jun 11, 2007