Anarchistic Poetry  August 17, 2011 - August 27, 2011

Contest Completed


1st Place - Faces
2nd Place - Culinary Social Misfit
3rd Place - [writing deleted]
4th Place - No More School
5th Place - [writing deleted]
6th Place - The Money Man
7th Place - Stalker


Send me your best subversive verse, the kind that could make your fingernails itch and mouth pucker up at the same time. You can use any form you want, from strict lyricism to all-out, off-the-wall free verse. I want poetry that can make me howl in laughter and wince in pain at the same time. It can be gross, disturbing, dissenting, foul or straight-edge clean. Just be outside the mainstream.


$0.00, Medals, bragging rights, and reviews by me for every entry made


Kenneth The Poet
Kenneth The Poet
Bismarck, ND


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