And when I was done, I looked up smiling - satisfied  September 10, 2008 - September 11, 2008

Contest Completed


My My, you were right! What awesome work you have here! First Place - Lust and Longing
You have every right to smile, as I did reading this. Second Place - In the Broken Glass
Satisfaction came easily with this one. Third Place - Blood Lust
Amazing work here! Fourth Place - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention - and a smile - this kinda blue
Honorable Mention - and a wink - The Dance
Honorable Mention - and a nod - About Tomorrow
Honorable Mention - Contest reopened for me! - Love turned to Hate
Honorable Mention - Contest reopened for me! - Unveiling


Today I would like to see what you consider to be your finest piece of work. It can be on any subject, yes, even love poems.

They are so many amazing poems here I had to add an award or two. Brilliant work, folks!


A Mark of Talent


The Lady Anasteja
The Lady Anasteja
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