Another Round of Capers  May 21, 2015 - May 29, 2015

Contest Completed


Featured - Sonnet For Adam
Featured - Peaceful
Top 7 - [writing deleted]
Top 7 - A Note in a Bottle Part II/The Man at the Bottom of The Sea
Top 7 - Depth
Top 7 - Psalm of Fallen Angels
Top 7 - What Nobody Sees


Yes another one some of you may be thinking. But then some of you may be thinking this is a first so it's a first and a second and a third.
Anyways for anyone who doesn't have a single ounce of a clue what I'm on about this is a contest for the group Contest Capers. Anyone is more than welcome to join so if you want to enter the contest, join the group.
Like before you can enter anything, be it poem, story, life screenplay as long as it's not mature writing.
If you enter something that has already placed in a previous contest it won't be considered again. However if you enter a novel you can enter a different chapter and it will be considered (but you must enter the chapter specifically).
Voting will happen at the end and the top 2 get to be featured.
Any questions just shot them my way and I hope you all have some fun.





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