Another World Amongst Us  September 15, 2008 - October 15, 2008

Contest Completed


Frist Prize - Boy With Gun (What I Am)
Second Runner Up - [writing deleted]
Third Place - A Life Given
Fourth Place - We The People
Fifth Place - Dust of a battlefield.


Write a piece about the 3rd world. Poverty, suffering, the general difficulties of those living in extreme poverty and war-zones. Please make a very distinct point that nobody is helping them. No matter how much you donate, no matter how much relief effort is given, it's a situation that can't be solved with these sort of strategies. its a deep, complicated situation and it requires a lot more than food and money. If i think you haven't touched on this fact i wont accept the piece.And not so much a piece about feeling sorry for people or the troubles for the poor children, although, yes, that is part of it... i'd like you to take note of the fact that it's a problem contributed to from all sides, so much so that those who live within it are forced into situations where they inadvertently further the problem, and STILL nobody does anything to help them. And please LISTEN TO THE SONG, i guarantee that it will help get the point of the contest across.


no prize, just the fact that you won.


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D. Nelson
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