Anthology of the Living Dead  April 9, 2008 - May 9, 2008

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Published in The Anthology of the Living Dead!!! - [writing deleted]
Alternate of the Living Dead!! - Her Wound
Award winning zombie! - Quarantined


The Anthology of the Living Dead is a collection of short zombie fiction, featuring Joe Knetter (Twisted Loneliness ), Joe Moe (the film Red Velvet), J. Travis Grundon (Living Hell: The Mis-Adventure of Jackson Reed), Scott Lefebvr and many more. This collection even has an introduction from horror legend Tom Savini and we have one spot open.

This is your chance to be published in great book aside some of the best names in horror and some you may have never heard of. Time is running out so if you have a zombie tale you want to place or if you think you can turn one out by May 9th...this could be a great chance for you!!!

The only thing we ask is that you story have at least one zombie in it: other than that, feel free to run wild. If you are not a horror fan or don't know much about the living dead I suggest renting the following movies: Night of the Living Dead, Zombie 2, Shaun of the Dead, the original Dawn of the Dead or Return of the Living Dead. I would also recommend the book, The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, but hurry time is running out!!!

The winner also get a few copies of the book... 2nd place will get a copy of the book,and be picked as an alternate if someone drops out.(In the case it is not used it will be kept on file for the next collection)... 3rd place will get a copy of the book and will be kept on file for Anthology of the Living Dead 2...oh yeah and you get some little ribbons too!!!

J. Travis Grundon


Publication in the Anthology of the Living Dead


J. Travis Grundon
J. Travis Grundon
Vincennes, IN


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