Anything Goes Poetry Contest  August 28, 2009 - September 20, 2009

Contest Completed


Mega Ultra Supreme Writer's Block Eraser (1st) - The Seedling
Mega Ultra Writer's Block Eraser (2nd) - The Flower On My Windowsill
Mega Writer's Block Eraser (3rd) - I am Penthos (Grief)
Very, Very, Helpful Writer's Block Eraser (4th) - Poetry in Motion
Very Helpful Writer's Block Eraser (5th) - [writing deleted]
Helpful Writer's Block Eraser (6th) - [writing deleted]


i have writer's block and haven't written a poem in a while...
submit your best poems and help me get rid of writer's block...any types of poems...happy, sad, funny, random, earthy, indescribable...
who knows? anything could set off something in my head!
oh, and keep it clean
Good luck to everyone!


A Badge and the pride of getting rid of my writer



42 Contestants
75 Submissions
Created Aug 28, 2009

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