Anything goes  February 19, 2008 - February 25, 2008

Contest Completed


A Honor to Read & free entry - The Great Escape
A Honor to Read & free entry - Vagabond
A Great strive & a free enrty - Felony Mistaken
A Great strive & a free entry - Choices


this is a contest were anything goes for a submission in my book that is comming out soon called Broken Poet Of dreams and pride. you work will be featured in the friend of the B.P. and to clear up anything there is no prfit involved this is to help get you the writers name out there. you can submitup to 3 peices of writting but only one can win.


$0.00, free entry


Zane Mathias
Zane Mathias
The Chthonic Kingdom


39 Contestants
107 Submissions
Created Feb 19, 2008

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