April 2010 - Lessons Learned  April 1, 2010 - April 30, 2010

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April (Lesson Learned) 2010 Winner - April fool's lesson
April (Lesson Learned) 2010 Merit - Until Today, Anyway
April (Lesson Learned) 2010 Merit - My Fathers Hands


Some lessons are rough and are stories within themselves. This is a contest for those stories. Stories can be fiction or nonfiction and focus on the main character going through a dilemma in which a powerful lesson is learned in the end. The stories should be about 500 words (give or take) and contain no mature themes. By entering the contest, you give me permission to post your work and a link to your Writers' Cafe profile on my personal website. Of course, you retain all rights and credit to your work.


A link to your Writers' Cafe profile and your work posted on my personal website goes to the winner.


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