Are You Strong Enough?  July 7, 2007 - July 18, 2007

Contest Completed


True Wolf - [writing deleted]
Wolf at Heart - [writing deleted]
Wolven Mind - [writing deleted]
Transforming - [writing deleted]


There will be only three types of writing excepted in this contest: poetry, short stories, and full length stories between one and three pages. Alright, here's your topic: write something about a wolf(first or third person, makes no difference) who is having to protect their home. Just as the title suggests, the main question that I want you to answer is "Are you strong enough?" Meaning: will you allow the wolf to die? or will it succeed and drive the threat away? If you submit a story, I'd like for you to make things interesting....say...a mother is protecting her pups or a mate is protecting his expecting female. Spice things up a bit, keep your reader hooked:P.


Knowing you truly understand the wolf, and knowing you



Created Jul 7, 2007