Are you ready for the big-time?  November 12, 2008 - December 12, 2008

Contest Completed


Is your novel ready for an editor or agent? Find out by entering this contest.

First prize will go to the most polished first chapter of a novel.

You'll lose points for obvious "gotchas" like...
- Using too many of the typical overused words like 'was', ly-adverbs, etc.
- Slow pacing: too much backstory or introspection.
- Awkward repetition of words or phrases.
- Clumsy dialogue tags.
- Spelling, grammar or punctuation errors.

The winner will receive $30 via PayPal and a Platinum-level membership to -- an award-winning editing website for writers.

The winner will be chosen by Nina Davies, published author and founder of

Entries are restricted to 5000 words. Only first chapters and/or prologues are eligible.

*** Only the first 100 entries will be considered! ***


$30, Platinum Membership for ($49.95 value)



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Created Nov 12, 2008