Ashes  January 30, 2015 - July 15, 2015

Contest Completed


Winner - Ashes - The Rising
Winner - ^ IT ^
Winner - Like Rain
Great Piece - Burning Down the Pain
Good Piece - Last time
Decent Piece - Gray Lies
Runner Up - I broke it


I want your story include ashes in it, in some way or form. You MUST also include one of these two phrases: "her eyes drained of color" or "the rain was beautiful." Be creative! I really want to read some interesting stories! Please make don't make them longer than 500 words please, as I am a busy person and don't have time to read a bunch of stories. NO Chapters, book, screen or stage plays, if you post those, I will not even read it.


The undeniable doubt that your writing is good.



9 Contestants
10 Submissions
Created Jan 31, 2015

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