Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers  May 11, 2007 - May 25, 2007

Contest Completed


Best Kick A*s Wal-Mart Piece - [writing deleted]
Most Original Tale of Wal-Mart Shopping - [writing deleted]
Best Wal-Mart Poem - [writing deleted]


I don't know the 411 on all these contests, but damn it, I just want to have one. So, let the chips fall where they may. Write me a poem, a story, whatever you want, but it MUST be about your local Wal-Mart. You can vent, you can cheer, hell, you can even add photos. Tell those little yellow smiley faces to take a hike. Ya'll know my love for Wal-Mart - let me hear your stories. This is your chance to let it all out. Hell, I might even publish a collaborative effort. Make me laugh people.

I plan on reading sumbissions while I'm in Cleveland on Memorial Day. Get crackin people.


Bragging rights from the Wal-Mart Queen


C Lee
C Lee


Created May 11, 2007