BABY! I Got The BLUES!  September 3, 2008 - September 24, 2008

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Baby! I Got The Blues! - this kinda blue
Blue Melancholy Baby! - Baby Blues!
That 'Ole Bluesy Feeling - Back to Memphis
Blue Misery - the color you call blue..
Blue depression - Breaking Point
Sad and So Blue - BRING ON THE BAND
Down in The Dumps Blues - The Once A Month Blues
A Blue Case of Doldrums - STRIPPING ONION BARE
Hopelessly Blue - Ending Myself.
Bad Case of Blue Blahs - Bleh
A Blue State of Gloominess - Staked
Blue Doom - Crying At The Moon
Feeling in A Blue Funk - Rainy Antidote
A Blue SAD day - Lonliness
Life really sucks when you're Blue - Heartbreak headache
Love really sucks when it's Blue - [writing deleted]
THat Low down blue feeling - Low
Stagnation Blues - [writing deleted]
Blue at Midnight - New Years Eve Blues
Deep Blues - [writing deleted]


Do you ever get the blues, ya know feeling the humdrum doldrums of life, maybe melancholy when your love is gone~ perhaps the weather itself
affects how sad you can become~ Any send in your poetry Rhyme or unrhymed verse about being depressed, feeling low~ just make it Blusey~ You can send up to 3 pieces of poetry for this contest~ good luck! and have fun!!~Fran Marie


  Fran Marie
Fran Marie
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