BLINDSIDED...  November 22, 2010 - December 22, 2010

Contest Completed


No F'n Way!!! - [writing deleted]
Holy Shite! - Shall I Repent?
Freakin Sweet! - RED RIDING HOOD
Honerable Mentioned - Moving in the Dark
Honerable Mentioned - Ghost Bride
Honerable Mentioned - [writing deleted]
Honerable Mentioned - Writer's Block


OK, so this is the first contest I'm hosting... and what I'm looking for is something that bites... something that hits me from behind... something that makes me think... something that makes me say "No F'n way!" ... all maners of poetry acceptable, but please keep the poems on teh shorter side! Have fun!

P.S... I had to update the Awards section... I received soooo many great pieces, I hd to add some honerable mentions! Thanks so much for participating!


JB Murray
JB Murray
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