Baby! I Got The Blues!  November 3, 2010 - December 3, 2010

Contest Completed


Baby I Got The Blues Award - An Easier Form of Suicide
Bue Melancholy Award - Melancholy, Metaphor and Metonymy
That Old Blue Feeling Awaed - The Shower Floor
Blue Despair and Misery on end Award - Agony Within
Down in the Dumos Award - Muddy Waters Texas Blues!
Blue Funk Awrd - *Inspiration- Stoned*
Blue Blahs Awaed - Tidalwave
Life really sucks when you're Blue Award - Stars
Hopelessly Blue - Homeless Soul
Blue Depression and Gloom Award - Depression


Do you ever get the blues, ya know feeling the humdrum doldrums of life, maybe melancholy when your love is gone~ perhaps the weather itself affects how sad you can become~ Anyhow send in your poetry Rhyme or unrhymed verse about being depressed, feeling low~ just make it Blusey~ You can send up to 3 pieces of poetry for this contest~ good luck! and have fun!!~Fran Marie




  Fran Marie
Fran Marie
Paris, KY


26 Contestants
66 Submissions
Created Nov 4, 2010

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