Back To School  July 27, 2015 - August 23, 2015

Contest Completed


Best Romantic Story! - That Moment
Best BFF Story - Cigarettes - a vignette
Best First Day - A Nobody No More
Honorable Mentions - Mrs. Lola


Short stories based on how you think high school is like, or how it was for you!

I'm serious on this part guys!!!!

Must be more than 300 words, less than 1500! if you need help counting it.

Nothing too erotic! Has to be within the age limits of 13-17.
No plagiarizing and you cannot enter a story that already has awards from other contests!

I'm doing the awards differently this time with:
*Best Romantic~
See if you can get the reader to fall in love with the relationship of the two main people in the story! Can involve love triangles, or even a secret crush!
*Best BFF Story~
See if you can get me to either smile or laugh through the tough times of friendships see if it can last between them through the hard times! Or even creating a BFF in the story!
*Best First Day~
This one can be funny, embarrassing, or just plain scary! Maybe you just moved! Maybe this is your first day of actual high school and you're afraid of the rumors you heard in junior high!

I do encourage you guys to attempt each section! I'm Allowing 5 entries so I can see what you can come up with :)




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