Bad Poems Need Love Too  September 6, 2009 - December 6, 2009

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The Best Worst Poem - The Janitor\'s Lament
A Pretty Bad Poem - Of Goldfish and Men
A Not-So-Good Poem - My First Mistake Was Saying Yes...
A Kind-of-Bad Poem - [writing deleted]
An It-Could-Be-Worse Poem - Squished
A Not-Too-Bad Poem - [writing deleted]


Some guidlines:
1. No need to proofread. I'm not giving out any of awards for punctuation.
2. Form? Sure give it some form...or not.
3. Stick to completely pointless or overcooked subjects. This is not the place for your inspiring works of art.
4. Satires and parodies are welcome, but don't try to impress anyone with your comedic genius. None of that here.
5. Only poems please. And keep it short. As a bad poem writer, I don't have time to read your epic masterpiece. I have to keep a day job, you know.
6. Go ahead and comment. Say just how awful you think the poems are, but don't be too mean. No need to kick someone when they're down. Bad poets can be sensitive.
7. I'm looking for truly awful poems. If the poem fails at being bad, it doesn't have a chance.
8. Bad grammar doesn't equal a bad poem. It just makes me question your intelligence. Try, as a speaker of English, to use decent grammar.
9. Anyone can enter as long as they follow these rules. Do your worst.

Hints to write the best bad poem?
Mixed metaphors kill me
Sonnets about nothing or about something that shouldn't be in a poem.
Gory poems = bad poems
Sappy rhyme schemes. Yuck.


The satisfaction(or dissatisfaction) that you have mastered bad poetry.



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