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Based on a True Love  March 31, 2007 - April 13, 2007

Reading and Deliberating


You can submit anything that is based on a true story about love, falling in love, being in love, getting kicked out of love, etc. The most emotions you show, the better of a chance you have at winning. If you want to submit something that is fictional, it better be good enough for me to believe it's real!


all the riches that you already own


The Best Love Ever The Best Love Ever
Silver Medal Love Silver Medal Love
Bronze Is Better Than Nothing Bronze Is Better Than Nothing
You're Still Better Than Any Other People That Entered You're Still Better Than Any Other People That Entered


Chase Alexander
Chase Alexander
Arlington, TX


Created Mar 31, 2007

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  • Any Member can Submit
  • All types of Writing can be Submitted
  • All Genres of Writing can be Submitted
  • Each Contestant May Submit 2 Pieces of Writing
  • Writing may be submitted 3/31/2007 - 4/13/2007
  • Winners will be decided by the Moderator


Chase Alexander is solely responsible for the content of this contest, including all promised prizes. Take any promises of large monetary awards with a grain of salt. Contact Chase Alexander if you have any further questions.