Batesy's Drabble Corner  September 15, 2008 - October 30, 2008

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Batesy's Drabble Corner - First Place - SKINNY
Batesy's Drabble Corner - Second Place - Sweet Summer\'s Eve
Batesy's Drabble Corner - Third Place - [writing deleted]


Welcome to my first contest!

The rules of the competition are simple. Write me a drabble (that's a short story of EXACTLY 100 words) on a word/theme, subject or situation of my choosing. That's it. I'll pick some winners and you'll get some cool little badges for your page. I'll also offer a review/comment to each of the winners on any piece they like. Sound good? Just have fun with it. I'll offer comments and advice on all entries too (unless I get way too many but I'm not expecting much)

Okay, to get this started I'm going to give you the words
skinny dipping
use as you please, write a drabble and get it posted =)

to learn a bit more about Drabble you could start here


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Craig Bates
Craig Bates
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