Bathing in metaphor  January 26, 2008 - February 29, 2008

Contest Completed


Winner - Bathing in Honey - Water
Second place - Bathing in Whipped Cream - [writing deleted]
Third place - Having a Mazola party - [writing deleted]
Honorable mention 1 - watching the fun - A Tempest Unleashed
Honorable mention 2 - watching the fun - [writing deleted]
Honorable mention 3 - watching the fun - MRS POTIPHAR\'S LOVER


What is your most secret fantasy? Tell me about it either in poetry or prose. I want to experience it with you, so make it sensual, but NOT explicit. I want to take a bath in your metaphor - a sumptuous, luxurious, aromatic ... ahh. Don't leave me high and dry.

I don't want porn, so you can tell me what it feels like, but don't give me a blow by blow or any explicit details. You will lose.

(I fantasized about having a contest end on Feb 29!)


My undying admiration, and a ribbon for your profile


Anne Martin
Anne Martin
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