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I've been thinking for awhile about creating a here it is. Use one of the Vampires listed and write a scene with a hero/heroine of your choice...can be your creation,Human or creature) or a character from a movie..doesnt matter. Whoever writes the best battle/fight/death will win! (The vampire can win if you want!) Totally up to you! It can be one paragraph or 4 pages! your choice. Please follow instructions and use one of the following vampires in your scene! ( Since group response was low, I decided to open this to everyone on Writers Cafe!)


They look like everyday people--can shapeshift into bats, cannot walk in sunlight, must be invited in, etc,,,They can be killed by be-heading and a stake through the heart, as well as sunlight and fire.

The Blue Vampire:

Physical appearance is all blue--(eyes, teeth, hair)--The Blue Vampire is the most lethal and hard to kill.They can heal any wound that wound normally kill a Legendary vamp--even a be-heading. However, they cannot beat fire.Fire is the only thing that will kill them. They cannot heal wounds from being burned.
Their special power is obviously being able to heal all other types of wounds.

The Silver Vampire:

Physical appearance is all Silver, teeth, hair, etc.. but their eyes are a deep blood red.
The Silver vampire can be destroyed just like the "Legendary" vamp can be, but their special power is their 5 inch long silver blade like nails that if they can get close enough to stab you with them, they will 'embalm' you---suck out all of the blood in your body within 10 seconds.

The RED Vampire:

Physical description is all red,except eyes are pure black. The only way to kill a Red Vamp is with Holy Water Their special power is walking in daylight--however, they cannot be in daylight longer than one hour--or they will begin to die--after one hour of sun exposure, they must feed, and rest in total darkness for 3 hours before they can go back into sunlight. So, if you can trap one and keep it in daylight for over an hour--it will die. (Burst into flames)

The Invisible Vampire:

This vampire can be killed same as the "Legendary/Normal vamp, but you have to SEE it first! It can only walk at night and holy water thrown on it will make it visible for a few moments. You can tell they are near by their scent--they smell death. Another clue that they are near is when they get close to their intended victim, they omit a purple smoke.

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