Be The Voice [ Causes We Support ]  June 12, 2011 - June 19, 2011

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Be The Voice Prodigy - Worse Than Murder?
Honorable Mention - Caterpillar Delight
Honorable Mention - The noh8 campaign.
Honorable Mention - CAUSES


Submit up to two poems on a cause that you support. This one is going to be slightly different than the last. I want you to post with your poem which cause you are supporting. Any cause will work. If you do not know which cause to write about try googling one of these:

-The Trevor Project
-The Butterfly Project
-Think Autism
-World Wildlife Fund

If it's a cause that you have started [ something like Be The Voice ], write about that subject. I'd prefer links to the causes website, but it is not required.

Again, this is a weekly contest. Next week's topic will be slightly different.

Only Be The Voice group members can enter. If you'd like to enter but aren't a member, feel free to join!

ONLY poetry.

There will only be one winner from now on, and there will be up to three Honorable Mentions. The winner will have the title of their poem and their name posted on Be The Voice's new website [ ] linked back to the original posting and page. [ If you do not wish to have a link to your posted PLEASE let me know before the contest ends. ]

Thank you all and enjoy the contest!


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