Be the Beginning to my End  August 1, 2008 - August 30, 2008

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Finish a tale that I have begun. I will have a few words written and then you continue the story to your own liking.

"Do you dream of me?" asked the young Queen. But there was no reply. The crisp winter air gently danced in through the open balcony and into her long, curly hair. The Queen walked away from the balcony and layed down in her bed. She asked again, "Do you dream of me?" This time, tears slowly escaped from her eyes and rested on her silk pillow.

A voice from behind finally spoke and cracked the tired silence in the chamber.

"I dream of you." The Queen heard the voice say as it came closer to her, her back still turned to it.
"I dream of you." When the Queen turned to face him a few moments after, there was no one there. Just the drapes flowing in the wind and her reflection in the mirror looking back at her....mocking her.

Copyright �2008 Anorin Arssinous

OK, now finish the story. I don't want to read an entire book just a compact version of it. lol. THE WORD LIMIT IS 1000. If you include my beginning, I will not count it towards your 1000 limit. So you can include the story I made (MAKE SURE YOU GIVE ME CREDIT FOR MY WORK OR I WILL NOT REVIEW YOUR WORK!!) and then start your 1000. The limit is optional. You can have 500 words or more or less. Wherever the story takes you.

Ok, now get started. Have fun and after I pick the winner, I will post the rest of the story that I wrote and we can all see if we wrote anything similar. It should be fun. So, get started!

Winners will be announced on September 5th 2008.


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