Beauty  October 15, 2008 - October 20, 2008

Contest Completed


WINNER!!! SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! I was basking in this unfathomable piece of work - Don\'t Look at a Sunset
Second place! Very elegant. - Slaughter by Angels
Third place! Go buy yourself a treat. :) - [writing deleted]
Fourth place! Good job! - Porcelain
- The Song of the Stars
- The Jungle of Doubt
- The Radiant Lady
- Poetry in Motion
- Indigo Skies
- Sands of Time
- Escape Reality
- Liquid Sunbeams
- Autumn Beckons
- [writing deleted]
- The Red Rose
- Beauty Blind
- June\'s Mystical Air
- [writing deleted]
- Walking on Europa
- A description of beauty...


I want any type of writing that captures beauty in its truest form. (I know this can be hard, but you can atleast try, lol.) And I don't want this beauty to be just about anything. It has to be about something that seems almost magical, that has some supernatural aura around it. For example, the moon, or maybe even something you imagined or dreamt about, that made you gasp in awe and a trance-like bewilderment. But, like I said, write about anything, as long as you manage to capture its beauty, elegance, and grace.


Lol, adding you to my friends list? Hehe



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