Best First Chapter Contest  October 24, 2008 - November 10, 2008

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This is bloody genius! - [writing deleted]
Extremely intriguing! - [writing deleted]
Excellent! - Prologue and Chapter1
Makes me want to read more. - [writing deleted]
Catches my interest. - Prologue
Best Fantasy Chapter - DF Chapter 1
Best "Young Adult" Chapter - Chapter 1 - Discovery
Best Romance Chapter - [writing deleted]
Best Action/Adventure Chapter - [writing deleted]
Best Miscellaneous Chapter - A not so Happy Fathers Day


Authors know that the best way to draw in potential readers is to write an interesting first chapter that engages the reader's attention. This extends to the first sentence or paragraph of a story as well- the better the first line is, the more likely people are going to read your book. I want you to post the best first chapter you've ever written. Prologues are acceptable as well, if they tie into the first chapter.

NOTE: If you have posted a prologue AND a first chapter and I decide it makes the grade, then I will post the prologue as the winning piece- from there, people can just click the "Next Chapter" button to read the rest.


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