Best Phony Craig's List Ad  June 4, 2011 - June 25, 2011

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I'd Buy That for a Dollar - For Sale: The Ugliest Teapot in the World
Can You Even Sell That Legally? - Best Phony Craigs List Posting
I Know What I Want for Christmas! - Services for Sale


You can buy and sell anything via the magic known as Craig's List. One guy sold pet care services to those who would be taken by the rapture. On kid sold his kidney for a new iPad.

So I want you to make your best PHONY Craig's List ad. Sell something no one in their right mind would want to buy...and convince them to buy it!

Have fun!


$0.00, I might buy what your selling.....



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Created Jun 5, 2011

The Pernicious Portrait The Pernicious Portrait
A stranger arrives at the St. Sebastian estate, to remind the owner and his butler that the past never dies.
Murder on the Marsh Murder on the Marsh
A young unwed tenant farmer will go to any lengths to get rid of his illegitimate child.