Best Relationship Songs  July 30, 2009 - August 9, 2009

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Best Song on the Cafe! - For there's a little angel in your heart
The Empathy Vote (I have experienced this) - I Bury Her Deeper
Best-chosen Lyrics - [writing deleted]
Made me Cry - why?
The Jealous Vote (for happy relationships) - Don\'t Love Me
Made me think up my own music to your words just for the heck of singing it - Little Miss Heartbreaker
Honorable Mention - My love is a burden
Honorable Mention - MY HEART, MY SOUL


I like songs. It turns out that most songs are actually centered on relationships, whether just crushes (David Archuleta, Crush) happy relationships (Taylor Swift, Fearless) in love with someone who isn't good for you or keeps taking 'second chances' (Taylor Swift, Tell Me Why) getting over/being over an ex (Taylor Swift, Picture to Burn) or being crushed (Taylor Swift, Breathe).

In case it isn't OBVIOUS, I'm a huge Taylor fan. And she covers a whole lot of different scenarios that I could use as examples.

So, send in a song that belongs to one of these 5 scenarios, and I'll evalute. Thanks in advance!

((By the way--I'm cutting this contest a little short because school starts on the tenth--it's my first day of HIGH SCHOOOOOOOOL! (Taylor Swift, Fifteen). Lol.))


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