Best-Time-I-Was-Ever-Laid  June 17, 2007 - July 4, 2007

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Nothing is more important to me then how two people can connect their minds, souls and bodies, through the bond of great sex. I want to read about your Best Time Ever, that you were laid, one-on-one...doesn't matter if your Best Time Ever was a raw, nasty f**k or a passionate, intense session of making love...tell me all about it. Be non-withholding, candid and descriptive: write it as it happened.


FIRST:Deluxe Naughty-Goodie Basket SECOND:Large Naughty-Goodie Basket THIRD:Medium Naughty-Goodie Basket FOURTH: Sex Toy and a 20%-off Certificate to Fredericks-of-Hollywood


Laid-Like Samantha Laid-Like Samantha
Laid-Like Carrie Laid-Like Carrie
Laid-Like Miranda Laid-Like Miranda
Laid-Like Charlotte Laid-Like Charlotte


Nannette LaRee~
Nannette LaRee~
Well Behaved Women, Rarely Make History, Cottesloe, Australia


Created Jun 17, 2007

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