Best of 2010  December 27, 2010 - December 30, 2010

Contest Completed


BEST of 2010!! - Even An Angel Can Fall
Second Best of 2010! - [writing deleted]
Third Best of 2010! - Poetry
Honourable Mention - [writing deleted]
Honourable Mention - [writing deleted]
Honourable Mention - Birth


I know there are quite a few of these already! But as a contest addict now, I know there can never be enough! So everyone submit what they think is their best piece. And we'll decide!

I was going to pick myself, but I think it would be wrong and unrepresentative, so winners will be shortlisted by me and voted for by you!!

Theres only a few days left of 2010, and it'd be futile to let it run too much over, so the deadline will be the 31st.

For stories, less than like 1400 words! And for books, the best chapter!


United Kingdom


20 Contestants
36 Submissions
Created Dec 29, 2010

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