Best of the New Writes  February 3, 2009 - March 3, 2009

Contest Completed


Best New Work - Falling Away
Not Half Bad - An Adequate Man
Better than Most - How Could you Mommy, I Trusted you
Promising Work - [writing deleted]
A+ - [writing deleted]
Try a Second Draft - Mommy the Stranger
Pushing the limit - Tears Of Life
Work those words - Eponine
Nice Read - [writing deleted]
REad it again - I Am Poetry
Time for a nice read - Under your spell
Hill Side Readers - [writing deleted]
Nice Beach Read - [writing deleted]
Hmmmmmm, better luck next time? - [writing deleted]
So Close! - Be Who You Want To Be
Words cannot express my grattitude for your entry - [writing deleted]
More readers will make this one better! - Letter to Heaven
Not Perfect, not horrible! - Where You?
Clinging to Hope - [writing deleted]
At Least you Wrote something that placed!! - [writing deleted]


Enter your best new work. Nothing written before 2/01/2009accepted.


$0.00, Medal for your page


George Love
George Love
Murfreesboro, TN


51 Contestants
107 Submissions
Created Dec 23, 2007

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